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3D Meetup 2019 - Recap

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What was it?
For those who haven’t already seen my previous blog about what 3D Meetup is and what I was up there, you can find my previous post by clicking here.

Today’s blog is going to be about what I witnessed with my own eyes as soon as I entered the doors during my first ever 3D Meetup visit.


To quickly summarise, 3D Meetup was an event held in April 2019 where people from around the world (but mostly Scandinavia) meet up to show off their projects, see the latest developments from big names including E3D, Dremel, FLUX, BONDTECH and other guests.

A big part of the event was partaking within the community project which I have discussed briefly here. Today’s blog will cover this is a little more detail though.

As soon as you enter:
Situated in Sweden and about 30 minutes away from Helnsingborg central you enter straight into a big lobby to see 3D printed RC F1 car projects and other builds zipping around a laid out track.


In-front of that was the drop off and build location for the community project being directed by Dinea Design.

The community project:
After dropping off my submitted pieces I finally noticed a welcome board of those who had participated. This took me by surprised and was great to see my name in writing alongside other contributors.


There was a total of 216 individual pieces to be gathered together from visitors who attended in person and people who posted in their 3D prints. I kept checking back throughout the day to see the progress of the build by Dinea and colleagues.


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay right up to the last 2hrs of the event due to travelling from the UK and having other plans too. However Dinea had since posted updates on her own blog that can be found here.

Credit to Dinea and her team for capturing this image, you can find her official blog and  website here .

Credit to Dinea and her team for capturing this image, you can find her official blog and website here.

Guests and other businesses:
Once you walk through into the main hall the room has been split into 3 areas. The left side was full of exhibitors and vendors advertising products and services related to 3D printing. These vendors were aimed at both hobbyists but also providing problem solving solutions, software and machining to businesses on a much larger industrial scale too.

It was also great to come across two British organisations, these included 3D model hosting services My Mini Factory and E3D (someone I think I will be spending allot of money with soon…). Leading around that one side of the room we also had FUSION showing off their all in one machines for 3D printing, laser cutting and engraving, BONDTECH and more.


Big names also spread out into the central hall including Dremel DIGILAB. A brand that I will have a full blog dedicated to what I discovered on the day from their three machines to the filament range and what they bring to the education systems around the world and mad scientists at home in their man caves.

The hobbyists and mad scientists:
After all of the high end names, service providers and material shops you finally came across the many tables of hobbyists and mad scientists who had brought their printers and custom builds to the show to socialise and tinker away from home.


It was amazing how many people had brought over custom build machines from scratch. Here is a small collectionbelow to continue doing the rest of the talking.

It was great to also see certain people there showing off skills and developments to aid people in more ways than decorative home objects. PETRA DESIGN is a hobbyist looking to build a profile for lighting but also dabbling with prosthetic designs influenced by other creators found online, something I soon hope to expand into too on this website.

3D Meetup Recap Part 2:
To keep this blog short and sweet and not too much of a wall of text, I’ll be continuing my re-cap in the next week whilst working on other 3D printed projects. So stay tuned, and check back next week to see part two of 3D Meetup 2019.