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Terms & Conditions

Any purchased goods are sold under the condition that they are classed as “modifications”. Fitting and using any sold parts may void your warranty with any other manufacturer. We cannot be held responsible for damage and faults caused by using our components.

Everything sold is 3D printed, apart from any mentioned metal pins, screws and bolts. Please allow for slight deviation in aesthetic quality between each print, we are playing with molten plastic after all. Should you have any concerns with any purchased parts, please bring this to our attention before any assembly is carried out!

All purchased parts are classed as buying “toys and toy parts”. All parts are not compatible with real firearms and if you deiced to try, you’d probably really hurt yourself and it would be your own fault… be sensible.

For any items shipped internationally (outside of UK Mainland), we cannot be held responsible for any losses or goods being held at customs. It is your own responsibility to contact any relevant person/s to solve such problems.

Please note that all terms and conditions are liable to change at any date and time, it is your own responsibility to check for updates on this page frequently.


Privacy Policy

Any personal information including addresses and payment details are stored through Square Space and your chosen payment provider. Any shipping and contact details are simple used for generating shipping labels and informing you only of your order status and resolving any queries.

Personally date is not stored otherwise for any other purpose. We do not send out newsletters or product promotion at this moment in time. Should this ever change, we will not contact you unless you have signed up manually for such purposes.

Where possible, please submit true and accurate personal information to avoid any problems with payment processing with your chosen method and to avoid any errors in shipping.