3D Printing Design & Documentary


The Idea

A home to host 3D printed products and document process, design and how 3D printing is shaping the world.

You will find blogs, vlogs and documentaries on technology that Badas.Design has found interesting enough to share with the world and show the possibilities of 3D printing to help individuals, teams and communities.

Long Term Aim

To 3D print resourcefully and work with others in recycling waste and limit the negative footprint usually stuck to “plastic produced goods”.

The aim is to work with other companies that recycle materials and offer services for like-minded designers and 3D printers to collaborate and print as clean as possible, without sacrificing on quality.


Through communication and reporting projects, we hope to build upon existing and new designs together to create the best functional products to improve peoples activities daily.

From sports to house-hold goods and eventually reaching into 3D printed prosthetic design, we hope to make a difference in more was than just Airsoft and similar hobbies.